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  1. -VOYVODA-'s post in Cant move mouse in MP was marked as the answer   
    hello my frıend you can try thıs @StephanBruh
  2. -VOYVODA-'s post in Can't report player for what appears speed hacking, report system says no player ID found was marked as the answer   
    go to truckersmp.com my friend . later go to search button  search him with his name . and look to internet url . you wıll see numbers for example ( www.truckersmp.com user123455677 ) at example numbers are hıs truckers mp ID)
  3. -VOYVODA-'s post in What we need for open topic at "media // show your work" ? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you mate . But I want share my truck's photos . Two months ago .was same . Pending , pending , deleted . Was Normal photos . all rules was done .Where is mistake we need know . Musn't 
    directly delete . 
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