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  1. I have been playing Truckers Mp since 2016. Truckers Mp has improved itself a lot over the years. Adding features such as the VTC system, in-game speed limits, and different servers contributed to the development of this community. Therefore, as in every game, there will always be some problems in Truckers Mp, but we must leave time for them to be resolved. These problems will disappear according to the actions of the community.

  2. It is important to remember that Ets is a simulation game. Therefore, the movements made in the game must be done within the framework of reality. Accidents that occur as a result of drivers' actions without knowing the signs or the meaning of the lines on the ground cause damage to other users. To prevent these, I support a system based on learning through play.

  3. As a player who has been driving trucks alone for many years, VTCs take your gaming pleasure to another level. If you want to drive alone, you can still drive, apart from that, convoys and events are a different experience, doing all these with people who like the same thing as you is always better than drive alone.

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  4. Especially on roads with heavy traffic, the following distance between trucks becomes very short. Therefore, when users using 150% braking power brake, the players behind them may be affected. However, I think this is because the player behind did not maintain his following distance. What needs to be done to prevent this situation is simple. Actively following the traffic on the map, thus seeing the busy areas beforehand and gradually slowing down and stopping according to the flow of traffic, using not only normal brakes but also Retarders and Engine brakes will increase the braking quality of the players. I hope that a truck that slows down within 10 seconds instead of stopping suddenly will cause fewer accidents.


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    I think that the modifications that come by default in the game do not modify the trucks realistically. Therefore, it is possible to make the trucks look more beautiful in the game with simple coding, for example, the v led made on the new generation Scania. However, there may be players who push their limits in their coding, such as those who wear horns or lights everywhere. Therefore, this issue depends on the player's perception of the mod. In my opinion, modifications can be used if they make the vehicle look aesthetically pleasing.

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