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  1. Vehicles other than the trucks in the game are sometimes used for purposes other than their intended purpose. The role of the cars in the game should really be escorting. Otherwise, there may be players who try to play car racing in the game. Setting a speed limit on these cars can reduce the number of accidents when they are used outside of escort duty. That's why I support the idea of a speed limit for cars.

  2. It is quite normal to receive such new truck requests. Ets2 has not received new trucks for a long time. However, TMP is responsible here, not SCS, because they are responsible for the development of the game and we have no choice but to wait for now.

  3. 1 hour ago, TMP_RocketLoup said:

    yes I agree it has also happened to me to have to brake to let a person pass who absolutely wanted to pass in front of me even if it meant he rolled in the grass well I braked and it hit me behind inside but these are not the only moments where there were accidents we saw it very clearly with the Easter version when they put the motorway and well unfortunately as soon as it narrowed there was a traffic jam 1 hour. Once I really wanted to see what it would do and I set my time and I stayed stuck in traffic for 1 hour, it's just huge so it's true that with your point of view potentially creating zones of overtaking will not be a good thing in these cases, what can we do to make this road smoother or at least make it a little safer?

    Although I do not find the lane increase correct, I think the things that can be done to add a new interpretation to the idea are to increase the connection roads, offer alternative routes or add slowing elements such as the roads at the Brussels junction. Speaking of Alternative Route, in my opinion, people use the d-c road because of its single lane and winding bends. In my opinion, roads similar to this, such as the secret road on the new island, can be added.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Bеаn said:

    I'm repeating myself over and over. 

    It's nice of you to notice this. But I wish you would make more constructive comments instead of negative thoughts and help generate new ideas. How easy it is to say wrong is wrong. There is no point unless we can find a solution to this.

  5. 2 hours ago, Bеаn said:

    No. Plain and simple: no. The need for admin approval is the whole reason why a voting system has been suggested in the first place. If people can vote on a player to be punished, but those votes then require admin approval to be acted upon, isn't that the same as reporting someone?

    Because in the active system, only 1 player can report 1 suspicious player. This system causes admins to have long lists of reports on their screens and spend time looking at them one by one. However, my suggestion is that if admins see intense complaints beforehand, fluidity in the system can be achieved.


    2 hours ago, Bеаn said:

    Without quoting the rest of your suggestion, it seems to me that you're attempting to assemble an army of mini-mods.



    No, I'm not trying to build an army, I'm trying to propose a system where players can convey their problems to the game administrators more easily with the help of a system.

    2 hours ago, Bеаn said:

    No. Plain and simple: no

    If you don't want to support it, I understand. I want to generate positive ideas instead of looking so negatively. You can reply to this flood.

  6. Having paths with privileged rules in the game can cause confusion within the rules and, in my opinion, inequality of rules among players. So I see this idea as usable, but I think it needs to be improved and generally made available everywhere on the map

  7. I do not think that I am suggesting the same suggestion that was suggested before. I also read those articles before making this suggestion. I think one should not be so hesitant about this issue. You argue that voting systems may be inaccurate or sabotaged by a few people. However, the logic of the voting is to prevent such sabotage. The more different people express their opinions about the event, the easier it will be for us to reach the result. In addition, my second suggestion, which is to pass the community vote and then get the admin's approval, will satisfy people. Being able to intervene in the game and some rule violations in the game will increase people's bond with the game and I think it will cause an increase in the rate of complying with the rules, because those who follow the accepted rules will warn those who do not comply and make people understand what is wrong and what is right. It will make it easier to get information about. For example, in today's convoys, as you call Christmas Convoys, people did not know that overtaking was wrong, I wrote to the chat many times, but no one cared. But the admins only realized it after they punished a few people for this. If this incident had an instant voting system, many people who received kicks after thinking that x player overtook me and then got kicked would not have received unnecessary kicks.

  8. On 10/25/2023 at 10:50 PM, Bеаn said:

    motorways with and without a central reservation.

    Of course, cutting your suggestion is the answer. I may have misunderstood, but I will not write an answer without reading your suggestion. I pointed out the parts of your suggestion that would cause errors. I tried to say this in my previous article, if someone hits me and I fall on the side road, if the system will kick me, this system will work incorrectly.  The system you propose will be problematic on roads with 2 lanes, one going and the other returning. A parameter such as a timer can be set to prevent this problem.

  9. I think the Skodas in the game were added to protect and guide long and wide vehicles. However, they are currently used for every purpose except this function. That's why they can't exceed a certain speed, or a few players can come together and form a group to use 1 truck and 2 skodas (escorts).

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  10. Although it seems like a good idea, sometimes we have to use the opposite lane, so this idea may cause some players to receive unnecessary penalties. Also, some roads on the map require us to use a single lane on both sides, for example the roads in the north. On these roads, this idea may cause problems.

  11. Nice idea👍

    However, some conditions may be imposed for buses to use this feature, for example, to carry passengers. Trucks carry loads and use this code, but vehicles and buses do not use this code because they are not tied to a specific task. They may be given some tasks in return for using this code.


    It might be good to edit some features in the game, so I liked your idea.👍

    However, turning off the chat completely may cause some communication gaps. For example, many admins convey their warnings to players via chat. To prevent such communication gaps, there can be a chat that appears instantly when you receive an urgent message or a message from people you choose.

  13. Increasing the number of lanes can solve the traffic in certain places, but when it decreases to a single lane on the connection roads or on the railway, there are always accidents, so increasing the number of lanes may increase the number of accidents. For example, I think the new gas station is very nice, but some people who do not know how to use the connection road at the exit of the gas station cause accidents in that area. It can happen.


    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4DqeEYE-9o

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  14. On 12/15/2023 at 6:20 AM, Bеаn said:

    Your opinion is already communicated to game admins when you make a report.

    I don't know if you participated in the New Year's convoy held today, but I reported at least 15 people who acted outside the convoy rules, admins were standing before each return, and at least 1 incident happened in front of all of them. Maybe they might be somewhere else at that moment or they might be dealing with something else, but even on the server where the admins were, I couldn't get a response to my in-game reports. That's why we need alternative reporting systems. It's obvious. I still don't understand why you're against it. If the web reporting system and in-game reporting system worked properly, there would be no articles on this subject from 2019. This problematic reporting system has been waiting to be fixed for years, and we, as a community, need to come up with ideas.

  15. 7 hours ago, Jeremy0411 said:

    This can be abused, try changing it?


    We made different suggestions in previous answers, if you read those examples you can get some idea about the subject.



    Voting systems are available even in 10-player online games. In this system, each player has a 20% impact on the votes on their team. If we look at Ets 2, the simulation 1 server has a capacity of 4300 people. Drivers can see up to 700 meters and around. If there are 100 people in this area and a vote is opened to report, teleport or kick another player, each player will have a 1% impact on the voting. It is the same as the election system of today's world, the more people vote, the more different opinions we see, the more the general opinion of that society emerges. That's why I think we still need a voting system so that our general opinion can be send to the game admins.

  16. Without leaving the main idea of the subject, playing time and experience can be seen as directly proportional. However, productive learning and entertainment should develop in direct proportion during these hours. From this point In my opinion, codes like /disconnect are the same as quick record and traveling with ghost mode. If we do not forget that Ets2 is a simulation type game, these codes are simple movements that are far from realistic, so I think we need a system where we do not need such codes.

  17. 4 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:


    Your answer considers players who incorrectly voted, but doesn't consider the victim and his/ her received disadvantage.

    In the above example, the suspected player does not receive any penalty. It will only be reported and since the admin can see the past records, he can follow the reported player with the voting result, decide whether the vote is right or wrong and punish the suspicious player.


    We will vote as players, admins can make the final decision.

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  18. Just now, blabberbeak said:


    I truley understand your motives.

    But what will happen to a player that became a victim of misuse of this feature?

    For example, if a player who is doing a World Of Trucks job is kicked from the server or teleported, (s)he will lose his or her progress with no way to recover it.


    How could (s)he be compensated, if at all?

    I have answered this issue in my previous answers. People who vote can be registered in the system. There is a level of accuracy factor, and as you vote incorrectly, this rate decreases, and players who vote incorrectly or troll may not vote for a certain period of time.



    In addition, if we want to leave the final decision to the admins, the result of the voting system can be given priority to the place where the admin views the reports and the problem in the intense problem area can be solved quickly.



  19. 38 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:

    Such a voting system has already been proposed in the past and has always been rejected due to the possibility of abuse.



    As other users mentioned above, it may cause misuse, but almost all online game/simulation type productions have a voting system. It can sometimes cause bad use in other games, but they do not remove the system just because some people can misuse it, because when used correctly, voting systems reduce the workload of admins in the game, reduce the density of web reports that will occur, and most importantly, make the players happy because instant results are produced for the problem. Since the management in voting systems will be in the community, it helps to ensure player unity in the game.


    In addition, as I mentioned above, apart from kicking the suspicious player directly from the server or teleporting him to another area as a result of the voting, he may appear in the top ranks as a player reported by more than one person in the system where admins view the reports.

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