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  1. Van der Koutras

    Lowbed Save editing

    @Lucas Peterbilt i have read the rules. i just wanted to clarify. Thanks
  2. Van der Koutras

    Lowbed Save editing

    @[ST-E] T.Rucker yes sir! Thanks for your response! I will not use them since they don't apply with the rules! (But i would love to see someone else's opinion as well :D) Thanks in advance! Have a nice day
  3. Van der Koutras

    Lowbed Save editing

    Hello there! Since our beloved Forerunner updated the tools for save-editing trailers! I tried out some combinations, one of these was this one (a very matching one in my opinion). Well my question is, is it allowed to use? Thanks in advance Check it out here --> 1) https://imgur.com/xKSy1p0 2) https://imgur.com/B2foeQj
  4. Van der Koutras

    Can't register a new account

    Hello! I need your help! My friend wants to make a new truckers mp account. We are trying to register, we log-in on his steam account, which has the game with 6 hours play time on it! I need help please. Thanks
  5. Van der Koutras


    Really mr this is your respond? What do people think? Here is the video: