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    Hello everyone! Sometimes I run my game and open jobs page. I see nothing on that list and it's empty. When I choose a city where to take a job it do nothing. Sometimes it fix just after restart of game, sometimes after restart of PC or just waiting till something happen. Is there any way to fix it in the moment? :/ Thank you for any idea or solution.
  2. Hello guys, there are many people who can't play ETSMP cause they did not have operating system 64bit. I´m one of that people, and i wanna ask you (developers,admins and something like that.) Why you can't make one server where can play 32 and 64 bit systems? ONE SERVER - Maybe with a different version of the game and may not even improve but to be able to play everybody with everybody. Can not you at least try? And don´t tell me you did not lost players when you update only for 64 bit. So guys there is BIG PLEASE - Can you try to make ONE SERVER for everybody... There are many players who wanna it too.. P L E A S E - 2mara1 ETSMP trucker. :/
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