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Development News section rules


We would like to remind everyone that, if you only wish to show the support to given Development Update or any other News from the TruckersMP Management, please use the Reactions System (react_up.png spacer.png) instead of sending messages like "Thanks for the update / Great / Awesome / That's cool / etc".


This allows other messages, such us questions, comments, concerns that are relevant to the update/news to be seen by the Management, which increases the chance for them to be answered.


Please remember that sending messages, that aren't relevant to given topic are against the rules at it only floods the forum with unnecessary "spam".



§4.2 - Forum topics, posts, status updates, and private messages

Posting replies irrelevant to a topic, or replies in a different language of the subforum will be removed, unless stated otherwise.



If necessary, our moderation team may take actions, if the messages sent are considered spam.


Thank you.


Kind regards, 


TruckersMP Senior Community Moderation Manager

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