Note that I do not take credit for any of the solutions posted in this thread. They were collected from all around the forums and merged into a single thread to help users resolve most common problems or answer the most common questions.   If your issue is not listed or resolved using this thread, either create a new thread in the 'Help' section ( or contact the Support team ( for further assistance.   Languages: German   Abbreviations used: ETS2 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 ATS - American Truck Simulator WoT - World of Trucks   Common Problems  
How do I find the correct and valid game directory?   I launched multiplayer, but singleplayer starts   I keep getting 'Unsupported Version detected' message   No jobs available for me   'Your Client protocol version does not match with server' message   When I try to download multiplayer, it says that my profile is private or that I don't own the game   I get 'Incorrect login' message when I try to log in   'Incorrect version of mod' message   My hired drivers are not working any more after playing Multiplayer   'Game changed detected!' message every time I launch the game   'Invalid email or password' when I try to sign in   Trying to install Multiplayer for ETS2, but the installer asks for ATS directory path (or vice versa)   Unable to go faster than 90km/h or 110km/h   I have tried to reset my password but the email did not arrive   My game crashes (FATAL ERROR)   My game freezes   'Steam ID is already associated with an account' when I try to create a new TruckersMP account   Common Questions  
How do I change my in-game name?   How do I change my in-game picture?
Is it possible for me to obtain MP Server Files?   I try to join Multiplayer but it says that I'm banned   Can I be an admin for Multiplayer?   Does Multiplayer support Mac?   Does Multiplayer support 32-bit systems?   How do I talk via voice chat?   Can I use police lights or skin for my car?   Which DLCs are supported?   Can I use mods in Multiplayer?