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  2. It's very useful sometimes when i find my teammates. Thank you for developing this kind of things
  3. JJay

    Removed my FH16 from the game?

    Dear @Bronson13 Best answer has been marked. Now I'm going to lock and move your topic to Solved Topics. Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact with us via Support System. Also you can create new topic in Help section. Kind Regards JJay TruckersMP - Support // Locked and moved to Solved topics
  4. Happy Birthday 

  5. Gratulacje Awansu ... Hello Admin!!!

  6. JJay

    Error version connection

    Dear @muratcan2626 Does your problem has been solved? Two great answers have been given. Let us know, does your problem has been solved. Kind Regards JJay TruckersMP - Support
  7. DJ Jefferz

    Removed my FH16 from the game?

    No if you reinstall its most likely to delete them
  8. merhaba, boş yere ets2 mp de sınırsız ban yedim. itirazda ettim. ancak banlayan admin zahmet edip niçin banlandığım hakkında bilgi bile vermedi. ama benim bir tahminim var. niçin banlandığım la alaklı. şimdi gidiyoduk. önümdeki adam kaza yaptı. bende duramadım ona çarptım. o civarda bi admin vardı. büyük ihtimal ya o ip leri karıştırdı yada öylesine banladı. itirazlarım karşılık bulmayınca bende son çare forma yazmaya karar verdim. bahsettiğim admin: NeonLeon (bana ''yeni hesap aç oyunu tekrar al'' demeyin ben aynı oyuna tekrar tekrar para vercek kadar zengin değilim!)
  9. The guy turned where he wasnt supposed to
  10. MarkON

    Error version connection

    Hello @muratcan2626 At the moment: temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods > Library > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Right Click > Properties > BETAS for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Look this: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/84-unsupported-version/ "We are aware of the current update to ATS and are working on getting the multiplayer mod supported for the latest version as soon as possible. You can find a guide on how to downgrade your game to still be able to play the mod here: Greetings MarkON
  11. [GökBörü] Albatros.

    Error version connection

    Hello there, If you have updated your game, you will encounter this error. Please try this : temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods > Library > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Right Click > Properties > BETAS for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Respects Albatros.
  12. muratcan2626

    Error version connection

    Hello I started receiving this error after updating Euro Truck Simulator 2. I played last night without error. I deleted the truckersmp folder and downloaded it again, but again I get this error. How can I fix it? Thank you.
  13. Discord Link is Classified at this very moment, sorry for late reply.
  14. Come and follow my stream!


  15. Today
  16. Hey guys reply to this post when you see my profile let's hit 100 replies

  17. Lukiskywalker

    The last number wins!

  18. daan2341

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  19. Lukiskywalker

    Ban the person above you - game

    Banned for posting content which doesn't relate to ETS/ATS on your profile
  20. Lukiskywalker

    Yes or No

    No, Do you drive with a steering wheel?
  21. Lukiskywalker

    Try to get there to 0! (V2)

  22. Lukiskywalker

    Game "Cities"

  23. Lukiskywalker

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  24. Lukiskywalker

    The Last Post Wins!

  25. Happy Birthday!

  26. JonathanVE [NL]

    What to do in Duisburg?

    Does anyone know a reason why chaos moves every time?
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