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  2. I have a problem when i prass install available upadates in Truckersmp launcher that make coreats.dll loidng and its finish but its restart again i couldn't play right now
  3. What are your favourite FILMS?

    Interstellar F & F Series Wedding crashers A lot like love Parent trap
  4. В Советском Союзе ездил в Молдавию,Таджикистан и Украину,но тогда это всё была одна страна - считается,нет?
  5. Best Steering Wheel for ATS

    i would say the g27 or the g29 depends whats cheapest the g29 you have to buy a shiftier it dont come with one
  6. Just A Quick Question

    Because of how empty ATSMP is, I was wondering, why isn't there any AI in it? I understand about ETS2MP. Well, a little bit. Not only ATSMP, but what about the empty servers of ETS2MP? I understand about EU#2 on ETS2MP.
  7. Konvoy 1978 Welcome to New Mexico  


    1. BigLarge


      "Konvoyun amacı daima ilerlemektir"

      Bak bu etkiledi beni 

  8. Introduce Yourself Here !

    Are you the Best Driver? Are you looking for a VTC that is friendly? Are you tired of searching a good VTC? Worry Not. Your wait is over. Indian Transportation Services is looking for Managers and Drivers(Ets and Ats) who like challenges and would like to grow as the VTC grows. Come. Join Us. Be a Part of an Epic Journey that Starts from Today. For Drivers who want to Apply, Visit: For Managers, contact me @DIbya You can also Visit and Sign Up through our Facebook page this is our DIscord Community
  9. What is Your Favorite Sports Car

    Subaru WRX STI 2005 and gc8 because it's legend !
  10. What do players Listen to?

    TFM ftw, always,
  11. Today
  12. Introduce Yourself Here !

    Hello, I live in the north part of Karnataka, India, anyone created an Indian Vtc yet or should we collaborate and make one>?
  13. queria saber o que seguinifica esse caminhao que tem no lado esquerdo do perfil com um nome escrito rank?

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Sua função no forum é de suma importância. Toda a estrutura de Truckers MP depende dele e os servidores não funcionariam se o código que mantém o caminhão visível não existisse. Sua utilidade não podia ser de maior importância. Aquele caminhãozinho está ali com um único propósito vital...















      Servir de enfeite. :troll:






      Mas falando sério, agora... ele é basicamente um enfeite, mesmo. Conforme sua reputação vai crescendo, o trailer do caminhão vai enchendo. Fora isso, até onde eu sei, ele não serve pra nada.

  14. Holy crap. 23 keys in average for the Party Time goal explosion (Rocket League)! O.o I want that goal explosion but that ocean of keys is absurd. Might as well just spend 23 keys opening 23 crates. One of them is bound to drop the goal explosion and I'll get a lot of other things in the process.

  15. Why are less people playing ATS Multiplayer?

    No one plays on Truckersmp because its a fucking joke. My company was live streaming 20 truck convoy through new mexico and trolls are always fucking ramming and blocking us we send in reports but the admins never do a thing then our streamer calls one of the trolls a fuckstick and they send in a report and he gets banned for two fucking days all the fucking bullshit we go through and your admins never do anything we reported a video of a guy using mods to just plow through our entire convoy nothing ever happened to him but then we call someone a fuckstick and get banned for 2 days? banned by a power hungry 19 year old good on ya truckersmp get your act together
  16. boa madruga a todos do trucks mp 

  17. What do players Listen to?

  18. What mistakes do you often make on TruckersMP?

    Distracted Driving. When I get bored, I watch videos while driving and be on social media while driving and a few seconds looking at the video, I'll go into the barrier damaging my trailer so be careful being around me. lol
  19. Time for a long haul flight and go to bed while on cruise. B)




    1. Mr_Pingu


      i recognize your profile pic from somewhere ???

    2. Noxii


      Yeah my current profile picture is from an album cover, can't remember which tho.

  20. There are all kinds of sports cars around the world. Which one is your favorite and why.
  21. Nombre de Steam: HazTaCK Url de Steam: Horario en el que juegas: 8pm-3am VE País: Venezuela Juego: ETS2 Camión / Auto: camion- Scania Streamline
  22. Advanced Ghost Mode

    Great Idea! When a truck spawned on the middle of the road, I swerved away from the truck not to be noticing that It was in ghost mode. This well help a lot. Hope it gets through
  23. Got the doubles working in v1.30 :P these are from v1.28..



  24. Released

    ATS won't work, game is yet Launcher thinks its & constantly crashes no matter what i do from suggestions....ETS2 works fine as normal! Its driving me on need help & the launcher crashes, press F1 as admin & it crashes It worked fine before the update
  25. After a successful delivery of contraba-...I mean "Goods" ;):ph34r:



  26. What a crazy night tonight was on Everyday: C-D :troll:


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