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      Public Convoy 24th September 18:00 UTC   09/21/17

      Greetings!   TruckersMP are hosting the monthly public convoy this Sunday 24th September at 18:00 UTC, and you're invited!   If you would like to watch instead, it will be streamed over on our Twitch.    

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  2. TruckersMP Team

    [ SUPPORT ] [ ADMIN ] @0zgur leaves the Support Team for personal reasons.He will remain in Administrators Team. Thanks for your help !
  3. Congratulations to all who've been promoted :) 

  4. v2.3.0 Website release

    Thanks for the updates !
  5. In-Game call

    Suggestion Name: In-Game Call Suggestion Description: To make it more realistic, we can search for other players by using /s or /st and we can pm via /pm id. But I wanted to suggest something a bit unique. /p(rivate)c(all) id Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It should be added as an equivelent to the PMing system and if you are looking for a friend or something, you can call them and two commands that could be used is /a(ccept)c(all) or /d(ecline)c(all). For me, it would be useful and it seems more realistic. We won’t have to shift+tab into steam or discord, we just do everything in game which will be more convinent. - SpeedySuliHD
  6. Remember, this is my suggestion. :) (Trial Game Administrator) :tmp:


    1. [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL
    2. scarface0359


      Actually, this has been on the table for quite a very long time. Your suggestion is actually pure coincidence :D.

    3. HamitCanKilic / 24]

      HamitCanKilic / 24]

      ^ I see the future :D 

  7. how can i get it ?

    Q: Do you have a name tag over orange trailer? @TyV1oN
  8. Timeout Trying Again

    Hello! I took my time to search little bit about your issue on TruckersMP forum and I found a lot similar topics . The best topic for you is this one: If topic above didn't helped to you than bellow is other usefull topics : Hope so you'll be back soon on roads again!
  9. Three word story making...

    then they started
  10. Banned for not having a specific enough location
  11. Congratz with new stuff ^^

  12. how can i get it ?

    ^ It won't be as there's no name tag above said trailer.
  13. how can i get it ?

    ^ I think it is another a player's trailer. (orange)
  14. Why are people saying good luck? You won't need it.


    Congrats. :D

    1. Aestrial


      Thanks mate!

    2. Ice-VTC I Mirko9 I FME

      Ice-VTC I Mirko9 I FME

      We're saying good luck because he is now 'Trial Game Administrator'.



  15. My dream came true ;) Congratsss dude

    1. Aestrial


      Thanks mate!

  16. Deserved 11/10.


    Good luck!

    1. Aestrial


      Thank you mate.

  17. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    banned for following me
  18. Three word story making...

    afk on road
  19. +1 this would definitely help with double trailers and service stations.
  20. how can i get it ?

    Not always true - sometimes local trailers (local = the trailers generated by your game & only visible to you) still have collision Just rescue to service (you will be teleported to service with attached trailer)
  21. how can i get it ?

    You can take it easily. Because There are no-collision area (come up to the trailer and press ''T'')
  22. Today
  23. Congrats! Good luck! :)

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