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Favorite Truck Brand? (ETS2)

Guest OhRaz

Favorite Truck Brand? (ETS2)  

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  1. 1. Brands;

    • SCANIA
    • DAF
    • MAN
    • IVECO
    • Mercedes-Benz
  2. 2. Extended Brand;

    • Renault
    • Volvo

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The most powerful vehicle for me is the Scania R 2009 model and it proves itself when compared with other vehicle models.



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1 Volvo
2 Volvo

3 Volvo


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Well it depends entirely on the truck, I really like the Scania streamline but not the S or the R that much, the newer volvo is okay but I really don't like the older one. Overall my faveroute truck is probably DAF however Mercedes comes a close second with Scania not far behind.

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I personally love Scania, however for the first few years of playing ETS2 -- I drove a Mercedes!

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My favorite is Scania Power💪 😍

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