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[FORUM GAME] Let's write a story

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This is very simple your allowed to comment 1 word that has to make sense in a sentence with the last word. 

You are only allowed to post one word if there have been 5 posts in between. So for example if you posted comment number 3 you couldn't comment again until comment 8 had been posted. Let's see what kind of book gets written. 

Once upon a time.....

Kind regards,



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Hey there!

As the last reply to this topic is older than 2 weeks (14 days), I will go ahead and close this topic for further replies.

To keep our forum clean and manageable, we have to close old topics to prevent the forum sections to get "messy" or too full.

Thanks to everyone for contributing in this discussion! If you deem it necessary to keep discussing about this topic, feel free to open a new discussion. 


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to conact me via private message on the forum or on Discord.



//Archived due to inactivity

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