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Try to get there to 0! (V3)

Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

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Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

Hello everyone,

Today I resume a game that has unfortunately been locked and Archived. 

A exemple : l start to 50 a member say 49  me i'am allowed to say 50 for restart game.

the rules If a player is an example to 38   me i have the right to return the game at the start.

You have the right to post a number all the 3 post.(I changed this rule for stop spamming)

That the game starts!

The game start to 50! 

to you to play.

Good luck!

Original post

(Game is harder now)

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Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

Changed a rule:You have the right to post a number all the 3 post.

(This comment doesn't counts:)

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Hello ,

Thank you for your post on our forums. Unfortunately, as your post has been inactive for 14 days now, I am left with no other option but to move this post to our archived section.


Thank you to everyone that took part in the game! ❤️

Kind Regards,
Community Moderator (Forums)
TruckersMP Team

// Locked and moved to Archive

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