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What is the mileage on your current truck?

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Just my current profiles - all the mileage is from me driving these trucks, DAF XF, Scania R and Scania S are 6x4, the rest of ETS 2 trucks are 4x2, all ATS trucks are long 6x4 with largest sleeper.

I have other profiles, which I've not used in years, and probably never will again. Also I have deleted some little used profiles.

On top of these, I use separate profile for Promods, where I've driven 4 different trucks - all in 6x4, for about 100 000 km total, but my current truck is only at 39 000 km, and the remaining 3 are used by employees - the only profile where I've hired any.


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Truck's mileage can be so easily "cheated"... You can use save-edit, you can give a truck to one hired driver and after some time, that truck will have hundreds of thousands of Km even if you have been driving only a couple hundreds Km each day. You switch trucks after that, and you're driving a +500000 Km mileage truck. That's why I prefer to give a number that can't be cheated (or at least, I don't know how to cheat), like World of Trucks mileage. Most of what you can see in the image was done in MP:


Added to this, I've been using different trucks, the most used one may be Scania Streamline with something over 260000 Km.


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@Unnamed88008 You have employees driving those trucks, although OP didn't ask prorperly. Like @FernandoCR [ESP]  says, it's super easy to get millions of km on emplyee's truck in multiplayer, as they will work their asses off non-stop, just jump between two garages and they will have maxed skills and you will be drowning in cash in a matter of minutes.

My pics are genuinely really only my own mileage, although I could have photoshoped this, but you can check that profile, it's not secret: 


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