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[AMA] I'm a presenter for TMP's partnered radio station, ask me anything!

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Just now, Shay_Gaming said:

Do you ever sing whilst the music is playing?, I would.
Would you do a show called Matts mood dampeners? 

And Finally can I have a shoutout?


Hi Shay!


Great questions.


First of all, yes I sing. All the time, during nearly every single song on my show. One of my biggest fears when I go live is I will leave my mic fader up, and everyone will start to hear me sing! 

I wouldn't do a show called mood dampeners, I always try to lift people's spirits when on air, and take the stress off anything bad that may be happening in the world at the time :D


And finally? Of course you can have a shoutout. I'll note it down for saturday!


- Matt

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3 minutes ago, Owen. said:

What's one moment that stands out to you over the year of being with TFM? 🤔

Ooh! Tough question. There are so many happy memories to choose from, so it's very hard. I think working with a team of the most lovely and sincere people is definitely number one, knowing I can hop in a discord and just gel with any member of our team is really special and unique. If I had to pick some stand out moments, any extra activities on the radio such as real ops news team is always good fun.


I hope this answered your question Owen!


- Matt

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