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Hated Trucks

Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

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I hate 540+hp trucks because they are unrealistic.

I hate especially s*ania as a brand...



On 9/29/2020 at 8:35 PM, S U P Я Ξ M Ξ said:

Hello @Sinotto,

I don't hate any trucks, but there are trucks I've never used.


-Renault Premium


-Renault Magnum





Supreme [TR]



If you use them You will understand that they are the most enjoyable vehicles to drive

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Guest night677_2

i dont hate all trucks but my least fav. truck is evico, hes just a small truck lol

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I don't hate trucks, but I don't like Renault and Iveco. It may be that they don't have beautiful appearance modifications.😆

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Guest LadyChristina

 Iveco is probably the least of my favorites; just never grew on my sadly. 😕 #VolvoIsBest 

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