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Hated Trucks

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I don't really like iveco for Ets  

Hate's a strong word but like the majority not a fan of Iveco or Renault

I don't hate any truck but Iveco is still my least favorite truck.

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I don't "hate" any brand or truck, what I don't like is the gap in quality that started in these last years, specifically in ETS2. For an example, just look at the older Scania R and Streamline and compare them with the Next Gen R&S. I'm aware that new modifications in these old trucks such update textures or new parts, requires changes in the license or even new ones.

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4 hours ago, Ghοst said:

Personally I don't like the Volvos & Western Stars on American Truck. Not enough power behind them to do much.

this can be easily fixed with a little save editing and/or workshop mods that work in TMP :)

i dont rly hate any trucks TBH, in either game. i can understand people dont like western star for lack of  options and i feel the same way but its not a bad truck in my opinion. i guess if i was to pick a brand i drive the least and say thats the brand i am most not a fan  of it would probably be Iveco.

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