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What's your favourite "Death Road" in TMP?


What's your favourite "Death Road?"  

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  1. 1. Your Favourite death road?

    • Calais - Duisburg
    • Kirkenes Quarry
    • Valencia Lafarge Road
    • Other (please state in a comment)

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I wanted to know which road is the most adrenaline-pushing for you guys. I also wanted to see how the new Valencia LaFarge Road is doing so far!

Please also say WHY the road is your favourite? Is it the Location? the other drivers? something else?


For me it's the classic C-D because I literally grew up on that road but LaFarge is quite nice too, Kirkenes Quarry not so much

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I like both CD road and Kirkenes quarry road.

I drive more on the CD road than Kirkenes quarry road.

However, sometimes I do like to explore the map :) 

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