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I keep getting errors in the game.


Hello friends. I get an error like this when I want to be born in another city. For example, I played 15 minutes in the game,I get this error when I want to be born in any city. I have updated ETS 2 from Steam. The TruckersMP app is up to date. Where does this error come from?



I get this error whenever I want to go to any city.

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Hello @Simülasyon _STANBUL,

As a solution to this error;
-Not to be teleported in crowded areas,
-By closing unnecessary applications running on the computer,
-By deleting and reinstalling TruckersMP,
There may be a solution.

The problem you are experiencing may also be due to your computer system.
-Be sure to make important updates on your computer.
-Close unnecessary applications running in the background.

I hope this article helps you.If your problem is not resolved, you can rewrite it. :) 

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1 hour ago, POW&R said:

Merhaba @ Simülasyon _STANBUL,

Bu hata için bir çözüm olarak;
-Kalabalık alanlarda ışınlanmaması,
-Bilgisayarda çalışan gereksiz uygulamaları kapatarak,
-ToolersMP'yi silip yeniden yükleyerek,
bir çözüm olabilir.

Karşılaştığınız sorun, bilgisayar sisteminizden de kaynaklanıyor olabilir.
-Bilgisayarınızda önemli güncellemeleri yaptığınızdan emin olun.
-Arka planda çalışan gereksiz uygulamaları kapatın.

Umarım bu makale size yardımcı olur.Sorununuz çözülmediyse yeniden yazabilirsiniz.:) 

When I want to go to the city of Istanbul, I get the same mistake. It happens in every city. https://prntscr.com/uib31s

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Guest '' R4VEN '

Hello Simülasyon _STANBUL


This situation is caused by your internet service provider or internet connection. Irregular internet fluctuations trigger this problem. My advice to you is to activate the ports of the truckersmp servers from your modem interface. 42700, 42220, 42820, 42240, 42890 and 42050 for TCP and UDP, respectively.


After performing this process, run the command system as an administrator and enter these commands.

"ipconfig / release" and "ipconfig / renew


If your problem is not resolved in this way, you can verify the file integrity from steam. I was having the same problem as well, and it got better after closing and reopening the game.


If your problem is not resolved, do not hesitate to create a ticket.


Best regards,


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Hi 👋

Problem 1 - Restart

* Restart the computer and run TruckersMP as admin.

Problem 2 - Verify the game integrity

* Go to Steam Library -> Right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Fix 3 - Remove config file

Go to Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2, delete config.cfg file -> launch TruckersMP as admin.

Problem 3 - Reinstall TruckersMP

* On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time -> %programdata% -> Right-click the TruckersMP folder and select delete -> Go to C:\Program Files\ -> Right-click the TruckersMP Launcher folder and select delete -> Go to TruckersMP website (https://truckersmp.com/download/) and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges 

Problem 4 - Run with DirectX

* Go to Steam Library -> Click the play button -> Select Launch with DirectX (64-bit) option -> Choose your profile and drive sometime -> Close the game -> Launch TruckersMP as admin.

Problem 5 - Update Windows

* Search config in the browser -> Updates -> Search for updates

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