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Hello there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released!   Features Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 07d261a8bf34 ], [

List of changes from 17th September 2020: Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 96cb07318bc2 ]. Support for the newest Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC: Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pac

List of changes from 5th November 2020: Enabled the hq_screenshot command. Fixed crashes when using the hq_screenshot command with specific configuration values. This might fix other is

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7 minutes ago, DeniPEKSEN said:

When i am trying to change my tag color it is crashing my game



It can help you. Solutionhttps://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/71474-game-crashes-when-i-change-my-player-tag-color/#comment-713399

  1. Go to your Documents
  2. Open your ETS2MP or ATSMP folder
  3. Open the config.txt file
  4. Search for something called " "tag_color" ", which has some numbers behind it.
  5. Those numbers behind this "tag_color" is the Decimal code of a color. If you want to get your own color from somewhere, ask for the color code. This can be something like "#78909C", which is the color of the Community Moderators here on the forum.
  6. If you have this color code, use the following website to change your Hexidecimal code to a Decimal code: https://www.mathsisfun.com/hexadecimal-decimal-colors.html
  7. The example color I used, is the following in Decimal code: "7901340"
  8. Use this code to replace whatever is placed behind "tag_color" in your config file. 

ps. It's confirmed bug: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/94041-game-lags-after-changing-the-color-of-your-tag/


Have a nice day

MarkON (Player-Veteran Driver)

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On 10/30/2020 at 4:05 PM, THEREALDETONATOR said:

Das volvo ist noch nicht in ets2 behoben warum?

Das kann ich nicht verstehen

Dafür gibt es keine Erklärung.


If you’d read the TMP team’s posts more closely, instead of just flying over them, you’d know that we’re working on it. As the developers explained (at least one of them). they still have a real life and do it voluntarily and in their free time. As I know there are still too few developers, you just have to be patient instead of drawing on TMP every time! You still have to keep in mind that TMP is a modification and the game ETS2 was not intended for a multiplayer mode. 


You can protect the ProMods-team just as well. I have often heard or read similar complaints from the ProMods team as from the TMP-team. Here too it says: It is a modification of ETS2. And all in one, it’s normal when 3 communities meet that there may be problems, errors, or longer waiting times. 


The TMP team is doing the volunteer job as always well and they will certainly do everything they can so that we can experience fun and joy together in the multiplayer. I hope you understand this slowly because I mean this can’t go on. Simply wait, downgrade and wait for everything without getting upset even if you may be frustrated. ;) And in case there’s someone who’s so annoyed that he has to go through teams badly. Do it better first!;) 


Greetings and thanks TMP team




***Full anticipation on the game version 1. 39, on the ProMods 2. 51 / 2. 52 and on the Iberia DLC!***

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Umm, let's see if this will get anybody triggered, could devs give an ETA for the update, not exact, how complicated does it all seem right now, is it something like 1.38? I dont want to play SP too much, because once i get bored of it the idea of playing MP is just out the window, now if i'd now that it will take more than a month to update, i'd take my sweet time, play it casually, now i'm just being me, I just played ATS for 3 hours today... so yea, maybe an ETA or compare 1.39 to 1.38, that way we maybe could understand better what you guys may be dealing with and we wouldnt be asking you all the time about it, it is a huge difference going from two weeks max to update to going to two months...


If anyone asks me, if there are some sound changes in 1.39 we are out for 2 months again, which is really annoying, but I blame SCS not TMP devs... i mean SCS can you stop? I get tired of SP quickly and when there is no MP for a month or so I dont even bother playing, so out of 10 months this year I maybe played, somewhere between 5 and 7... and once MP is back im so sick of SP I dont even like the idea of playing it anymore...


Devs I understand I really do, but having no idea what is going on, should I get Iberia on release day or should I wait 2 months because SCS will screw up something for MP again... I really dont like the whole thing and I cant even set my own ETA for the update because I have no information, just knowing, is 1.39 more like 1.38 or 1.25 to work on, would mean so so much to me. Take that as a suggestion.


Respect and good luck with the update.  

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why would you blame scs and not tmp? scs does wonderfully.. its tmp with only mwl4 on the job in his freetime thats the factor about how long it takes.. more client devs quicker patch.. atleast thats how i see it and will always see it..

what would be great is scs finaly doing there own mp.. than we can play the second its updated.. but i guess thats not happening in a very very long time.. (as isnt finishing germany rebuild or adding rigid trucks or the bus dlc for that matter)..

so.. patience, tea and in 2 weeks a report from digital on the progress of it all.. :)

oh and think about it.. tmp still has problems with fmod.. thats why there is the "bug" with the horns in mp ;)


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  • Game Developer

List of changes from 5th November 2020:

  • Enabled the hq_screenshot command.
  • Fixed crashes when using the hq_screenshot command with specific configuration values. This might fix other issues, too.
  • Fixed changing the environment time when using the hq_screenshot command.
  • Fixed the raining probability. Rains should occur more often and should not last in-game days.
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@sgpch1983 I dont blame TMP because SCS could care more about this community and maybe help mwl4 sometimes, or like you said their own multiplayer... 8 years in, official mp seems like something if it would come i'm not even sure what i'd do with it, years ago i'd talk about it all the time "Pavel said that and this and that about their own mp..." now I just dont wish for anything and i just like or dislike what comes to the game and at this point, i dont even know anymore if i need/want official MP... it didnt happen in 8 years and I would almost bet Pavel spoke a little bit of it for the last 5 at least, so even if it comes it will have to be a f-ing blast and a huge change compared to what we have now to fill up the servers... we have 4000 slot server here, if SCS doesnt go at least 6000 im staying on TMP and even 6000 doesnt mean much for the current size of ETS map... at the end official MP is a can of worms, because it would have to go thru the same things TMP did, trolls, noobs, bans, kicks etc. etc., all of this 8 years in, the longer they wait the worse it could be... sorry I got bit carried away, otherways i do agree with you, it would be way better for updates and players. I know for myself, if TMP wouldnt be here, I wouldnt be playing SCS games for so many years. I'd stop probably, 6 years ago.




You mean patience, tea and cookies right?



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Where is the post with the progress info on 1.39? 
Are you going to repeat the same nonsense as for 1.38?
We are in no hurry, but your communication skills are no good either. You tend to jump the gun when someone acuses you of something, but the news team does a poor job in reallity. There is no info here or in YouTube. Get a grip people and do something useful this time.

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