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HasTürk Logistics 1st Year Convoy

[HL] Ömer[19]

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Event  İnformation

๑ Date: 29/11/2020

๑ Departure: Kiel-Hamburg-Bremen

๑ Destination: Calais
๑ Meet up Around: 8.30 PM๑

Leaving At: 09.00 PM
๑ Route: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/688169980549660766/757899439045083156/ROTA.png

๑ Ets2c: https://ets2c.com/view/87594/57tugay-mirliva-kiel-hotel


                                                ๑ Roads may be blocked by Event Staff. 
                                                  ๑ Free roaming in the server is not allowed.
                                                    ๑ No double or triple trailers are to be used.
                                                      ๑ Keep a safe distance between you and the truck in front of you.
                                                         ๑ Cars are only to be used by TMP Staff or Event Staff.
                                                           ๑ Advertising of any kind, without permission from Event Staff, is forbidden.
                                                              ๑ All other official TruckersMP rules apply.
                                                                ๑ You must have a trailer.


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