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[DONE]Colorful usernames on the forum


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Suggestion Name: Colorful usernames on the forum.


Suggestion Description: Possibility to see colored usernames depending on the rank in the forum (as an additional selectable option for Patrons). 

This is already evident at the bottom of the forum in "who's online". I would like to see colored usernames also in other places on the forum (you have a look at the images below).


Any example images: I present the photos in the following order: currently (on the left side) and after implementing (on the right side).


1. uMdtWWm.png 8tw7MC9.png



2. o4Lh9Zf.png  8YFsVm0.png


3. PhzUCVo.png  FZEQWJc.png


Why should it be added?: 

It will a reduction the bleak greyness of the forum.

Colorful usernames will be an added bonus for patrons.

It will be easier to see the rank of authors of individual content, reactions, visitors etc.

This idea is an additional option for those willing. It will not cause divisions and dissatisfaction.

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