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[1st November 2020] WARP Convoys | November Convoy

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Welcome to WARP Convoys.


We invite you to join us on our November Edition of WARP Convoys. For this journey we will be heading through the beautiful mountains of Scandinavia, seeing some amazing views along the way. We will meetup in Kristiansand before departing towards Stavanger, then turning back on ourselves towards Oslo, then heading up through the north of Norway to our final destination of Bergen, where we will be parking up at Drekkar Trans. The route is just over 1000km long, so a nice peaceful drive.


We will be meeting up at 12:00 UTC, for a 13:00 UTC departure. All the information needed can be found on our trucky.events, or in our discord.


RSVP and Slot Booking: https://trucky.events/event/detail/warp-convoys-november-convoy

Discord: https://discord.gg/2r4KhRh


We look forward to seeing you there!


Event Rules: 

We currently do not have an event server. However, if we do the following rules will apply.


- No overtaking is allowed, only event staff may overtake the convoy.

- If you are laggy stay to the back.

- Only park with VTC's if you are in that VTC.

- Event staff may drive the wrong way down roads if needed.

- Event staff may block roads to lead the convoy in the correct direction. 

- Event staff may park outside of map boundaries if needed.

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