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Guest User_3678473


Guest User_3678473

Hello! Is there any way that you can edit your trailer mass? I heard from players that you can but nobody answered how.
I tried searching YouTube but didn`t found any videos.
Can somebody help me?

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Hellо @User_3678473

have you checked the game saving guides?

This video may be useful to you.


you can also follow the example and replace the trailer with what you want.


I hope you found this answer helpful :wub:

Поздрави : Wub:

Нощно желание

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Unfortunately I do not know a if it is possible to change your cargo mass after you have accepted the task but there is a way to change the cargo mass before you accept the task.

To do this I personally use the VTC management software SpedV, which can be found on Steam. 

After you logged in with Steam you can find the Savegame Manager at the simbol in the top right, next to your name.

If your Profiles aren't saved in the Steam cloud and the g_save_format is set to "2" in the ETS config you can edit the existing tasks, if you increase the units, cargo mass an price will rise. 

Please keep in mind, that these changes are temporary, which means that the mass will get reset to default values once you load an autosave.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)


Sincerely zb572

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Hello @User_3678473


Thanks for your question, Primeno need to download the [SII DESCRYPT], here is the link:




I will tell you the steps you must follow to do it:


1- have a treailer and look at her plate.

2- make a save.

3- [without closing the game] you will go to Euro Truck or American Truck documents.

4-you enter the [profiles] folder and you enter the folder of your profile where you made your save [you can tell by the saving time].

5- you give the folder [save] and look for the number of your folder [again you will check the time of the folder].


Once you have the previous steps ready, proceed to unzip the [sii descrypt] and drag the file to the folder where you left off.


6- once the step is done you will use the document [game] you will have to use it in the notepad.

7- drag the [game], to the file, [sii descrypt] and you will get a black screen for a few seconds [then it will be removed]

8- when the black screen is removed, proceed to open the [game] document and all the game commands will appear.

9- you will give to [edition] and then to, [search] and you will look for the plate of your trailer, [the first search may not find it, you will press enter again].

10- when you do the step above you will see your trailer, you will go up a little until you find the command called [cargo_mass], and you will put the tons you want to carry.


Example:             100T = 100000

                             5T: 5000


11- you give [file] and save.


12- open the game and load the saved game and voila!


I hope I can help you with your question, you can ask me any questions and I will gladly help you.



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Guest User_3678473
3 hours ago, Stubborn__ said:

Hi there!


Has your question been answered with the above given answer?

Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum organised!

I look forward to your response :)


Kind Regards,


TruckersMP - Support

Yes. You can close it. @Stubborn__

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