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TNT V2 Operations
Hello truckers, how are you?

On the last anniversary of TNT we performed Real Operations and it was a success. The time has come to hold the second edition of the event,
named TNT operations, which is more complete and has many new features. 
You are our main piece for the event's gear to work, so book the 29/11 date
in your calendar and don't miss this event! Exclusive video:


Event Information
You who have already participated in TruckersMP Real Operations know how the event works. Obviously it will not be of the same level, but everyone who participates will be able to enjoy events that normally occur on roads around the world, such as chases (police / thief) and diversion of accidents along the route.
- The event server will be named by [TNT] V2 Operations and may be approved in the future.

- The event will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. The concentration and departure time is aligned with brasilia time [BR], so don't get lost and go to Timezone for  conversion: https://notime.zone/MFsf5k9X0ChN9
- DLC required: Road to the Black Sea

- Follow truckersmp rules and then the temporary rules that will be disclosed.

- Necessary to come to the convoy with trailer hitched. The use of cars will be intended for the escorts of the event.

- Maintain the primary respect between the players and a safe distance from the front truck of 80 to 100 meters during the event.

- More information from the event server, which will be requested, will be released soon.

- Prohibited overtaking (except escort permission).


- Watch the order of exit.

- Discord TNT: https://discord.gg/KuhQ4Vp

  We look forward to it all on the day of the event, it will be an honor!

  Confirm your presence at this link: https://ets2c.com/view/87458/vito-luxembourg-hotel

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