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Combat disconencting


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Hello guys,

recently I have experienced that Players crash into someone and Instantly disappear. This gives the player no chance / time to get the TMP ID.


Suggestion Name: 
Stop Combat disconnecting


Suggestion Description:

With Combat disconnecting I mean instantly disconnecting after an accident / collision. Adding a few seconds to block disconnecting after a collision gives a player enough time to get the 4-Digit ID.

Any example images: 


In this Video you can see how the guy who rammed me just disappeared. Yes I was chatting but in other situations I wasn't and I still didn't see the guy who rammed me

Why should it be added?:
It will give a chance to get the TMP ID to report a player.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

However, we will not try to hinder users from disconnecting. It would be difficult to implement and maintain. Furthermore, in most cases you can clip the incident and find the player by name on our website. You can also use the "History" tab in the TAB window to access information (such as the TMP ID) from disconnected players. This is way safer.






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