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Hello, thank you for your questions.


We've had translations for our website, but it was really painful to manage, supervise and debug. You can check the details here: https://www.thor.re/why-translation-sucks-and-truckersmp-dont-do-them-anymore/

We do have future plans to translate our website, forum and game client. However, it requires a huge amount of internal changes, so we don't have any ETA on that. 




TruckersMP Developer

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Even though we have many Translators in our team, this does not necessarily mean something is easy to do. As CJ explained above, it's something we used to do in the past, however we did not have a Translation team back then, and everything was done voluntarily by staff, as a sort-of side project. As CJ also mentioned, it is planned for the (far) future, however not something which will be done anytime soon. 

Many people often think that because we have a huge number of team members, something will be easy to do. However we often rely on changes that must be made before something is actually possible, and that means we also rely on the Developers, who also all have a life and real jobs besides TruckersMP, and this counts for all staff. So again, it is doable, but only something which will be done in the (far) future.

Nevertheless, I want to thank you for your question!

TruckersMP Translation Manager

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