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[ANSWERED] Ban Evading

.Edi A.


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Hello Edi_A!


To begin, I would like to make it clear that I am not exactly sure what you are asking us, however, I will do my best to answer you.


If you are asking us why players choose to ban evade, the answer is that they won't accept the fact that they are not welcome on our servers while being banned. Often, these players do not realize that we find many ban evaders every day, and spending money on new accounts may be a waste of time and money for them since we can easily find their associated accounts.


On the other hand, if you are asking us why we enforce our rule regarding ban evading, the answer is once again simple. If you were banned from our servers, it is because you violated our rules and should accept that, wait for your ban to expire then return to our servers. If you were permanently banned, you should never try to play on our servers again since clearly, you lost the privileged of doing so. The reason that we enforce this rule is that we do not appreciate people trying to get around the bans issued by our Game Moderators. We are trying to keep our servers clean and having users using other accounts to get around an existing ban will not be tolerated.


I hope this has answered your question!


Kindest regards, 

TFM DJ ccowie 

TruckersMP Human Resources

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