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1 hour ago, Serious_Driver said:

How to the in-game staff and moderation team decide what punishment to give you. Do the staff think twice?


Our moderation team is a group of TruckersMP staff members who have undergone extensive training with experienced moderation staff. When issuing an enforcement action, we take a number of factors into consideration when we review reports of violations, including prior ban history, the intent and context, the potential harm to the community and others. However, the length of a ban is also dependent on the severity of the violation. Many first-time violations result in 1-week category-specific bans, but if the offense is more severe or places more players at risk, a lengthier temporary ban may be warranted. 


The punishment type and duration placed on a player account is in line with the degree of the abuse sited. Ban severity for each offense is different, and ban durations can vary per offense. Each account ban is different in nature, and TruckersMP GM's will try and follow certain guidelines for each ban. Ultimately the severity and duration of an account ban is at the discretion of the GM. This is why certain bans can feel a bit more severe than other bans. Account bans don’t necessarily occur right away, and it is not uncommon for an account ban to be deferred to a later date.


Some types of rules that can warrant a longer first-second-third ban include, but are not limited to  

  • Use of racial or homophobic slurs.  
  • Use of violent acts imagery/text.  
  • Intentionally violating the rules with the sole purpose of causing dangerous situations.  
  • Putting other user's in danger for no reason.  
  • Driving recklessly on the one lane rural road between the cities Calais and Duisburg and the surrounding areas.
1 hour ago, Serious_Driver said:

Do they discuss with the violator of his/her actions.


If the user decides to appeal his ban, he'll be in contact with the staff member that issued the punishment. The ban appeal process is more or less explained here. We encourage players to submit an appeal if they believe their ban is unjust. We stress the importance on how to properly submit an appeal for a game ban. When appealing a ban, we expect players to provide key details such as counter-evidence, and how the incident occurred. Leaving out key information or providing extra or erroneous information can hinder the investigation into the ban. 


Appeals found to have inaccurate information will often be denied. We strive to be fair in this process, so there is no preferential treatment for appeals. For instance, indicating that you are a player who has played the game for years, though greatly appreciated, cannot have any bearing on the investigation into the account or ban in question. When responding to a player, Game Moderators will try and be as transparent as they can, revealing as much information about a ban as they are able to disclose. However, for the same reasons as detailed above, we cannot provide a player certain details or aspects to their ban. For example the person that reported you and so on.

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