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Drifting in Winter Mod :)

Hopfenbrause_69 o/ [AUT*]

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Hello there :')

The winter mod is such a great seasonal mod especially when combined with its physic adddon. Its cool to see someone doing perfect drifts (I saw some of them and it was amazing XD). Also its funny seeing people get slipped and sliding on the snowy road :'D  but we shouldn't forget to drive carefully and safe, if we want to perform drifts just make sure to do that in a safe place such as no-collision zones or in the place that nobody's around. 😉

Anyways, nice video there 👍

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Hello @Hopfenbrause_69 o/ [AUT*]


I would like to inform you that your topic has been inactive for more than 14 days, so I am closing it and moving it to the Archive so that the topics are active by the community.

If you have any questions or want to restore the topic, please contact me.


// Locked and moved to Archive



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