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Your Opinion on this Trailer? :)

Hopfenbrause_69 o/ [AUT*]

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Guest DubbelDraaiDeur

That's quite the Frankenstein combination you got going there.

My opinion?

It's beyond ugly. (Some people will call this art, and I can see why.)

Bet they are fun to drive around, especially the reaction from other players, but they look hella ridiculous.

But hey, as long as it makes you happy, who am I to judge. (Besides the fact you litteraly asked for it)

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I have seen worse than that, but the real question, is this what save editing is all about, is this what you want to look at everywhere you go?

Why is this even allowed is beyond me, and why have been save editing rules changed, not once, from  "you can't do almost anythin" to "you can do everything you want", dismissing any rules and guidlines and replacing them whith something as vague 

and as subjective as it can get, I just don't get it, sorry.

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