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is a trailer a good idea?



hey guys,


another day, a new question :D.


i hav emy own truck now.

so i do work with trailers i used from the company.

now i gues i get 30.000 - 40.000 for a job.

now i look for buy a trailer, i am level 10 so i have a few trailers i can buy.

buth is it a good idea?


wath if i start in a factory with my own trailer with load in calais,and go to dortmund.

and when i finish i see a bigger job in dortmund but not for my trailer. what happens with my trailer?

stays it there?

or go's it to my garage?

and when i need it, does i go back to dortmund?




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Using your own trailer will limit your choices of cargo depending on the trailer type you have attached  to your truck.

If your trailer is specialized, such as food cistern or log trailer, you will be very limited, and often unable to find any job in the area.

There is also separate cargo market used only if you have your own trailer attached, which will only show jobs that your current trailer can accept.

You can still browse through freight market (company trailers) even with your own trailer attached, but if you accept freight market job, your own trailer will return to it's home garage, and in order to get it back, you need to re-attach it again through trailer management screen and it will spawn at it's home garage, where you will need to pick it up by driving or teleporting there.

Teleporting between garages with your own trailer (if you are not on a job) will, most of the time, cause the trailer to disappear, despite trailer management showing it's still used. Teleporting to repair services will teleport you with the trailer still attached.

If you own multiple garages, you can move trailers between them, just like trucks, except it seems, you can put unlimited number of trailers in any single garage, no matter if it's basic or fully upgraded, while you can only put 5 trucks in fully upgraded garage.


For level 10, you choices are limited for standard (non-dlc) trailers, I would recommend single 3-axle curtainsider, which is avilable at that level, you can modify it to dry freighter or refrigerated, once you level up enough. 

All these trailer types can take about the same cargo types, while with refrigerated trailer you can find some more lucrative jobs, at the cost of less payload, and thus less pay for jobs that don't require refrigerated trailer.

You should't have problem finding jobs with these trailer types and you can go anywhere with them, you can use double trailer, but you will be limited to Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Scandinavia (HCT only Finland) without save editing.


If you own Krone or Schwarzmüller DLC, you have an option to buy trailers made by these manufacturers, without any level requirements.

I recommend Krone Profi Lner, Dry Liner or Cool Liner, and Schwarzmüller Platform or Refrigerated. All of these are equal alternative, for the standard trailers mentioned above.


I take it you are only asking about ETS2, but if you ever play ATS, than it's similar situation, single 53 feet tandem axle van trailers are the most versatile, be it dry vans or reefers (refrigerated).

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