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Game freezes after alt+tab

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My game freezes when I firstly alt+tab from it and then back. The game is running but I can't move with mouse when in menu or when in game I can't move with anything. I can hear that the game is still running but the picture freezes and I must restart the game. It happens only sometimes and I did not come up why does it happens. Only solution is always restart the game if it happens and always check when in menu before even logging in if the game freezes after alt+tabbing or not. If yes restart and try again. Sometimes it even happened thrice in a row for me.

PS: I tried the guide where I run as administrator and it did not work at all.

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Hello @SantiniCZ and welcome to the TMP forum!


1. In case you launch the game with DirectX11 this is a known bug which only can be avoided by opening the game with OpenGL (therefore you need to start the game in singleplayer / via steam once with "openGL", drive a bit, save and then launch TMP).



2. For me personally it helps to close all third party programs (like Teamspeak, TrucksBook, web browser, etc.) and launch the game. When I am able to alt+tab without any problems I open the third party programs again :) . Maybe you can try this as well.



Kind regards


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Hello there @SantiniCZ


Have you managed to find the correct solution from the answer mentioned above? 

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I await your return.




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