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[Suggestion] Annulled the punishment


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Suggestion Name: as the title.

Suggestion Description: In the case of a report by a user punished by Ban Evading, the report is invalidated.

Any example images: N / A

Why should it be added?: If a person who is permanently prohibited, such as Ban Evading, submits a declaration, I would like to propose nullifying the punishment. According to the TruckersMP rule, they cannot submit a report unless you have recorded evidence. For permanently prohibited persons, they may be recognized as practically inaccessible to the TruckersMP, and the declaration may be annulled.

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TeamAudi VTC Manager,

Chemistry - Verified VTC Manager, Past Master Trucker

TeamAudi Assistance Leader

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Hi TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM,


Thank you for your suggestion. I'll be transparent in saying that this has been a feature already for quite some time. People that are permanently banned cannot record in-game footage after their ban was placed, so the only logical solution is to prevent them from reporting others. However, worth noting that they can still report others if the footage was recorded within the required time span of 14 days. Starting from the date the ban was placed, the system will automatically revoke the reporting rights after 14 days time.


I'll move your suggestion to accepted seeing as this is a thing already.

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 ღ ɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴ ᴇɴɢɪɴᴇᴇʀɪɴɢ ღ

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