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Better Convoy organization

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Suggestion Name: Better Convoy organization

Suggestion Description: A better convoy organization to avoid laggs and confusion

Why should it be added?: Yesterday, I participated on the TruckersMP June Convoy. And I think you really should work on that. It wasn't possible to be in the city, because the frames dropped to a unplayable level and many people were confused where to wait. I know many players that just went offline because of the lags and the confusion. My suggestion: Add a exact starting point and try to navigate the players out of the city right to the starting point of the convoy as soon as the server opens. This would avoid those massive lags because the players wouldn't wait in the city for more instructions. It would be much emptier there. Also, if people knew where to go, they wouldn't drive around looking for a line. This would save the need of admin presence because the people are not going to park at the street behind a queue that turns out not to be the right one. I found the convoy very disturbing this time to be honest. Many things went completely wrong in my opinion. And even the event team couldn't give proper information when I asked them. Please do better organization for future convoys. I also participated in convoys that used this exact system. Admins led the players to the convoy and they queued up. A much more relaxing experience in my opinion with much fewer problems. Please try it at least.

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