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The all new Microsoft Edge?

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I don't know if anyone else has seen or used it yet but what are your thoughts? Will you be switching to use it or are you going to continue to use your current internet browser, if so, what do you currently use? 


Personally, I've been using google chrome for a long time but this Microsoft edge seems 'okay'. Does anyone know any specific details etc? Haven't really done much research on it since opening it up this morning when I got on. To be honest I might just be really late to the party 😂

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1 hour ago, Owen. said:

I did get huge chrome vibes honestly. Just seems like a less sleek design to me. Haven't spoken to you in a long time Arran. Hope you're well :) 

wait. are you Owen M? Also Edge is based off of Chromium which is open source. See here;


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It's GREAT. I love it. It's my favorite browser.


It has been my default browser ever since its installer got leaked about a year ago. It's so far the best browser for me. I'm even using it right now while typing this message. 😛

99% of Chrome's extension works in Edge too, so don't worry about that. Edge also has its own extension store if you're interested about that, but it doesn't offer that many extensions compared to Chrome's extension store.


This browser will be the king of browsers, mark my words folks.

Many people who just installed Windows (10) won't be needing to install Chrome anymore as Edge is a Chromium based browser. In other words: it's just like Chrome however it doesn't come with a couple of Chrome specific features. Like the option to sign into your Google account is replaced with the option to sign in with your Microsoft account. But, in the background it still functions like a Chrome browser does.


I just like the fact that Google is starting to feel the struggle with Edge's success. They even started showing messages on their websites telling people to upgrade to Chrome even though Edge is based on Chromium. So, there's not that much of a difference between the browsers. The user has no game changing reasons to switch from Edge to Google Chrome...


A huge advantage of the Edge Chromium project over Google Chrome project is the fact that Edge is maintained by Microsoft, the creator of Windows 10. Edge is already well optimized for Windows 10 and it'll definitely be even better optimized in the future.


Also a thing I noticed, I like Edge's UI way more than Chrome's. Microsoft really focusses on taking up the user experience to the top instead of what Google is doing.

Just look at any context menu in both browsers. Edge shows icons, puts enough padding between the text and the borders of elements like buttons. Chrome doesn't. One advantage of having icons is the fact that a user can recognize a button way easier and way faster.


Take a look at these examples showing you the difference between the browsers' context menu.




I'm also enjoying the collections feature in Edge, where I'm able to create folders containing notes and saved pages (read: I'm not talking about bookmarks, which is called favorites in Edge). It's very useful when you're like working on an assignment for someone/school.


And last but not least: Edge is still new, so its team will listen more/closely to its community in order create the best browser experience for its users. They truly do listen to your feedback which can be given in the browser's settings menu. 


Check out the highlights of Edge's previous updates: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-gb/welcome/update


Disclaimer: this message might look like a fanboy's message, but that's definitely not the case. I tried many browsers in the past and so far the only browser that made me very enthusiastic about its project is Edge Chromium. Thanks for reading this disclaimer, have a nice day. ☕

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