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1.37 Development Update


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13 hours ago, Syln said:

Hey, just figured out that the horn don't work in cities or populated areas, my horn started working right after I left Duisburg. But thanks for the heads up @Timmy TV


Yep, horns don't work either when you are in close proximity of another user, or when you are in a populated areas. 


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48 minutes ago, China_Ziwei Guoke said:


Hey. You need to make sure that you are using the correct version of the game. If you are already using the necessary version of the game but still get an error, refer to this topic, I think this should help you:  


10 hours ago, Powerfull ::: V8 said:

not real sounds....better 1.36

Multiplayer uses the standard sounds of the game, so we can not fix their quality.  


The new sound engine from SCS is quite complicated for synchronizing sounds and has a number of technical limitations, so in multiplayer you can still hear problems with sounds.
Our developers continue to work on this to make them better.

Therefore, it will take some time for this. We will be grateful for your patience and support.

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