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How many garages do you have?

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I have all of the garages unlocked, which I got legit over a 1 year period. I use the garages to teleport for convoys where I represent Prime Logistics.

Like most folks, I have all the garages unlocked. I didn't graft all that hard though, I used the little exploit of constantly changing truck to farm money on Single player, and then went through the

Uii nice 👍


About ETS2, I have 67 small and 6 big garage. I don't have too much garage in my profile because I'm buying a garage by saving money 😛 and not using money or level cheat. Now my profile is 92 level and I drived 436912km :)




About ATS, I'm not playing too much 🙈 but there I'm 20 level and have 2 small garages, totally drived 22410 miles.








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