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Replace Pilot Car Skin

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Suggestion Name: Replace Pilot Car Skin


Suggestion Description: Some new pilot skins should be created for the scout car, that replace the wording 'Pilot' with 'Abnormal Load', 'Long Vehicle', 'Convoy Escort', 'Escort Vehicle', etc.


Any example images:  N/A


Why should it be added?:

The current 'Pilot' wording is slightly ambiguous and does not accurately show the purpose of the vehicle. Less generic wording, such as those listed above, more accurately describe the purpose that the vehicle is being used for. Not only does this (hopefully) encourage more professional use by players, but it also gives other players a better idea of the hazard that lies ahead. I believe that the simple act of adding a few new skins (using the current design, but with different wording) would help the pilot car better perform it's function and would hopefully encourage players to use the vehicle in a more professional manner. 

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