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Hello @jimmy mack,


nobody knows when the new version 1.37 would be updated on the TMP. It takes this long because the game developers added some new features like new sound effects that are hard to get them to work in the TMP. Be patient and wait, that's all we can do for now.

If you want to play on the TMP now, you can still downgrade your game to version 1.36. I'll leave the link down below.




Have a good day.

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Hey there @jimmy mack,


As @Rudewolf already said, there is no ETA when 1.37 is going to get TMP support. However, that does not mean that you can not play TMP. You simply have to downgrade to 1.36, to do so just follow the link to the KB that Rudewolf sent already :). Patience is key to success. If you want you can join our Discord Server, just follow these simple steps (https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/239). There you will get an announcement once 1.37 is supported by TMP. I hope this helps you out a bit more :)!



Kindes regards,

- Inklink 

(ET + CMT)


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The 1.37 update for ETS2 was released  May 5th[1] so, it's been 16 days. By no stretch of the imagination have you been waiting for months as you claim.


Even the ATS 1.37 update dropped on April 20th[2] which was only 1 month ago. To that end, it's very brazen to suggest that you've been waiting for an unnaturally long time for that too.


Couple that with the Mack Anthem being released on April 28th[3and you find yourself with a great amount of work that has to be done just to get the update to function. New sounds and window functions (which no doubt has an adverse effect on the scout car for MP), a complete overhaul of parts of France (which will cause issues with the speed limiter system on Simulation servers) and countless other behind-the-scenes technical stuff just to make it playable. I'm not even a developer; that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a lot more work than what I've listed.


It's an unprecedented update, and while I understand that some people are excited to play it on Multiplayer, it takes a lot of work. As that's going on, TMP still operates it's day-to-day operations. Things don't just get dropped because of an update, so patience has to be exercised.


@Lasse said on discord today[4]:




We are still working on an update for ATS and ETS2 1.37.

There is no official * release date*.

The update will not be released in May.

When the update comes out, we will notify everyone on social media and #announcements.


You can still play TruckersMP by downgrading your game: https://truckersmp.com/kb/26


We appreciate your patience.


So yes, be excited, but please, remain patient with those who make TMP a happy place to play.

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It does not yet have a pre-defined release date for 1.37 online, due to the fact that they are still making their due adjustments in the new version so that there will be no problems after its big release, so what remains for us and enjoy 1.36 while not the new version for multiplayer has been released.


Best regards,

Harmful Black Wolf

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2 hours ago, karl89 said:

I totally agree with you it's been several weeks that we can no longer play multiplayer because of that I get bored to death

Go outside? Explore the nature and all it's beauty? Grab your bike and go for a ride? Clean the house? 

Theres just so much more outside TMP! Go, be free, and explore!

And you can still play mp, on 1.36, so theres no need to be bored to death, or complain the update still isn't here. TMP is a free mod, you get what you get.

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I'm just gonna leave this here....



"Soon - There is no specific release date I can tell you at this moment." is probably my most written sentences of the last four weeks. Whether it was in #guest-chat on our Discord, in my DMs on forum and Discord, on Twitter, on Facebook or on Instagram.


I can totally understand that people want to play on ATS and ETS2 1.37 because we all want it.

Yes, usually updates don't take one month but usually updates don't include a new truck, a new sound engine and do not happen while a global pandemic is affecting our lives.


Sometimes I just feel helpless because all I can say is that we are working on the update. I can't tell anyone a specific date but actually, this is good. Other known community projects and even large companies always announce specific release days but then have to move it to another date which makes their community more sad.

The problem I see is that there are so many people that don't know or don't want to downgrade their game because a) the new version is much cooler or b) they think it's dangerous to downgrade or c) it's not allowed to downgrade.

And now I am here thinking if we should make a "How to downgrade" video explaining the little risks and downsides but the huge advantages of downgrading or if we shouldn't do it because there will always be people complaining and we actively promote downgrading already.

We have 200 team members but only two people work on the client because it is not that easy. Community projects like HGVMP or IFMP tried to create their own multiplayer but no other project released an actual client yet for the past eight years.

TruckersMP is free, we do not anyone to pay us. We make money with Patreon, yes, but nobody is actually an employee. As some of you know, mwl4, our main client dev, has a real life job as developer. Do people think that just because of Corona all big companies close down entirely? I have no experience but I bet that it is not easier to work from home on project when you usually work as dev in a real bureau.


We know that the 1.37 update won't be released in May which means all events this month including Real Operations will happen on 1.36.
I would like to ask everyone who is still reading this to wait patiently and allow us to work as usual even though you guys know this already. One day, all this will be over and we can celebrate ingame with opening our windows until the next big game update releases.


Thank you for reading my little mental breakdown and thank you for your patience! "

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