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Rebuild Interchange At Calais-Duisburg Road @ A1


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Suggestion Name: New interchange on C-D road at A1

Suggestion Description: A new custom interchange should be built. Im not completely sure how the DLC assets would work in the base map, but if that doesn’t - you could use the assets/prefabs from the Germany rebuild to do this. Also, traffic lights: I do not know how much they can be customized, but the timing I provided in the image is only an idea and i don't know if you can do things like that in the editor

Any example images:

Why should it be added?: This interchange is the second most congested part of the Calais-Duisburg Road. This unnecessary traffic jam is caused by this old interchange prefab. The ramps are too steep, there is inadequate road space between the two sets of ramps, and there are no turn lanes or traffic lights. Rebuilding this junction will improve the flow of traffic, smoothen curves on both the C-D road and the A1, and improve turning off and on the freeway. Adding this new junction will not negatively affect the C-D road as this is only a small section of road being modified, and traffic will be able to flow through this junction more at ease than ever before.

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