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Alright! That event on saturday has been planned and worked on LOOOOOONG before 1.37 was even a thing. Why was it held last Saturday? Because it was ready. It has nothing to do with why 1.37 isent rea

1) So if i dont pay for it i can`t demand even information ? I support them playing this game for few years. I vote for them in competitions for the best gaming mods of the year. I tell my friends and

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14 minutes ago, [GökBörü] OmSaL said:

Hey, @DoctorMaybe35 

I am sure you will find the answer to the question you are looking for here.

Best Regards,

this answer very helpful for me thanks for replying me

16 minutes ago, Rudewolf said:

Hello @DoctorMaybe35,


nobody knows when the TMP would be updated to the new version. But the TMP devs are working hard to update it as fast as possible. Just wait like everyone else and keep watching the forum for new updates on that.

Have a good day.

well do you know an average date or someting

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We are not aware of any date that TruckersMP will be releasing 1.37 support for multiplayer. SCS is not associated with TruckersMP in any way, so when a new update releases, TruckersMP needs to start working on it then. 1.37 is quite a big update, so it will take the developers some time. If you need help downgrading your game version, please refer to this article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26

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No one knows currently how long it will take for us to get 1.37, but you have to remember they need to work on both ETS and ATS. The update from SCS is a lot of work with many massive changes such as a different sound engine etc so it has took some time and I'm sure it will still be a while longer. The Dev's will be working as hard as they can on it for us to be able to play on the updated version, but of course they need to balance in real life things too. 😁

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