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Let's make Frankfurt the MOST POPULATED city in ETS2MP instead of Druisboung !


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Guest Sinyor.


I think is the fact that a lot of people want to go "where the action is" and so if a lot starts to favor one place in the least, everyone else jumps on to see the show.

People could easily not take routes that go that way, but do anyway. They have to enjoy the chaos or they would actively avoid those areas.

So, some things never change.

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I don't think we can change destinations of popularity, it just is popular in

 the community driving from calais to duisburg and the other way around with no cargo at all just for full. tbh changing this will take a while for everyone to notice but it could work after a while, for now. idk if changing it is a great idea

31 minutes ago, Rudewolf said:


I think the Calais-Duisburg route is so famous and some people join the TMP just because they want to be there and try that route for themselves. But I'm sure that Frankfurt would be populated once again when the new update comes out.


Have a good day.

yea true indeed

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Interesting idea! I already thought about some like monthly "events" where the TMP staff lock a specific route (e.g. with a construction site) so people have to use other roads / parts of the map. And these construction sites move from month to month to give the players a little bit variety.

Frankfurt would be a nice alternative imo :) .


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Here is an idea. Let us not make any city in the game the most populated and quit sticking to one or two cities to go to, deliver to or take jobs from. Let us explore more of the map and visit other cities but oh...Some of you haven't the common sense to do that now have you? Like the little kids who stick in one spot on the playing ground you're too scared to explore because "Its lonely and boring" well if that is the case, put on some tunes and get a group together and start exploring the map more instead of congregating around one or two cities or one stretch of road. 

The cities shouldn't be a lag fest for players to drive into, they shouldnt be congested by more than 10+ players so wise up and use your heads, the map is large enough so start going elsewhere. 

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It's interesting this, because it's good to change things from time to time so you can renew and give new airs to things, but it's complicated since always people will go where the "most recognized TMP characters" are and to achieve another famous place, it takes the same formula that today makes to the C-D, TMP's most famous route.


Now what if it can happen is that in an ScS Re-work it can include some serious change to this route and can be seen affected the reputation or the way we all see the C-D and can lead to a new place or route that can generate the same emotions that the C-D gives ; so if you try to make Frankfurt a new "C-D" you must have the factors of popularity and representation to the community to achieve your goal.

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Guest rossco4653

i would to see this, in all fareness i would love to see other citys more populated just i9in general    i can remember when the road to the europort would get congested bad


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