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Ford Ranger for Admin & Pilot cars

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Suggestion Name - Ford Ranger for Admin & Pilot cars

Suggestion Description - A Ford Ranger could be added into TMP as an Admin and or Pilot car.

Suggestion Images - N/A

Why should it be added? -


Hey guys
I thought I would drop you a feedback or suggestion ticket regarding an idea I have got for MP, now if I have sent this to the wrong department then I apologise though having had some thought on this and discussions with pilots in game, pilots within my VTC plus one other we would like to see a new addition being considered and or brought in for both the admins themselves and for pilots especially.

Now the Scout car maybe good though we feel that it isn't really pilot material and as you know it has only been abused by players in-game by using it to ram or block other players, generally causing grievances especially to VTC's. And I am not going to say that the admins should remove them because I know that you use them yourselves which is fine.

However the suggestion I'd like to make is for there to be a Ford Ranger added in as a new pilot / admin vehicle.
The reason I make this suggestion is that I feel along with others that the Ford Ranger is more suitable for that role with escorting convoys and or in general admin duties, and if this could be implemented then this could be a thing exclusively for both admins and VTC's / Piloting groups to use which can be requested by them over the website as by doing it that way it would also eliminate the possibility of them being abused by the trolls in game and it would give the admins a good opportunity to make sure the VTC or piloting group are indeed legit and would use it for the sole purpose it would be implemented for.

As advised to post this here :)

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