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How to get the EU2 Server in Truckersmp?

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I am playing the alpha version of truckersmp and I am from India, I always join simulation 1 server and I don't see many people, I thought to search about this and found out that EU2 server is the busiest, you know truckersmp is the only way to enjoy ets2 with other people, but not many players play on the server I play. You all may probably know Tony, a youtuber who makes funny videos on TRUCKERSMP, many people play on his server but not on mine, do I have to do something to get the EU2 Server? Please help.

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Hello, the reason why you're probably finding it hard to find people is because of your timezone, for me as i live in the UK i see the servers at there busiest and EU1 is always the most populated server, currently in the UK and most of the EU its around 5-8am which would explain why its quiet for you, when ur on the TMP Launcher you will see the servers online, i would recommend always joining the server that looks to have the most players on if u are looking to find other Truckers, just keep in mind that even on EU1 at peak times it will have over 4000 players on it, you still wont find someone everywhere you go and obviously if ur timezone is massively different to most people then your find it even harder to find other truckers, Tony always goes down the C-D road (Calais to Duisburg) which is 9/10 times always the most populated road in the game, he plays at peak times normally too which is why its so busy in all his videos, i hope this helps, have a good day!!!

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Hey Bud,

Alfie raised a great point regarding time zones, i am from the UK too and if i do a morning job haul i find that i run into less people due to there being less amounts of people on the Servers.

You will also have to take into consideration that now due to the new ETS update there may be even less people playing due to them playing single player.

You can use this tool to check out where the most traffic is, that is if you want to head into those locations to find people. - https://traffic.krashnz.com/


There is also VTC's you can join groups of people in a Real Life trucking experience, this may be good for you to meet frequent players to drive with, take a look - https://truckersmp.com/vtc


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Around 4-9pm BST the servers get very busy.

Especially Simulation 1, which is the busiest server everyday.


Hope this helps

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Depends on your timezone. As you can see by the reply above it gets most busy 4-9 pm UK time. For me since I live in the US I need to get on early afternoon to be with a good amount of players since I'm 5 hours behind UK. You can convert your timezone to uk and see what time would be best for you to get on with lots of players.

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Generally the most popular server is EU Sim 1. I do think it’s worth noting also that the EU2 server that you mention no longer exists, the standard servers have all been re-designated and are as follows:

For ETS2:

EU Simulation 1 (Speed limited, cars enabled, collisions enabled)

EU Simulation 2 (Same settings as Sim 1)

US Simulation 1 (Same settings as EU Sim 1)

Singapore Simulation 1 (Same settings as EU Sim 1)

EU Arcade (Cars allowed, no speed limit, no collisions)

EU ProMods (Same settings as Sim 1 but compatible with ProMods)

EU ProMods Arcade (Same settings as Arcade but compatible with ProMods)


For ATS:

EU Simulation (Speed limited, cars enabled, collisions enabled)

US Simulation (Same settings as EU Sim)


(From https://truckersmp.com/status and https://stats.truckersmp.com/)

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