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Hot topic #23: #TMP6 celebrations


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Hi Truckers!

Welcome back to another Hot Topic. After a small break we have brought back the Hot Topic series.
This weekend we have been celebrating 6 years since the launch of TruckersMP. We have been running a range of events from convoys to an exclusive festival.

So for this special celebration, we want to ask you if you have any intentions on joining any TMP6 events?
And on the note of our anniversary, do you have any notable moments in the last 6 years of TMP?

Discuss this all below in this edition of Hot Topic...

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I will not be joining any of the events unfortunately. My computer can't properly handle such numbers of players so it wouldn't be very enjoyable for me.


As for the notable moments, basically nothing until I joined Pries a month ago (my first VTC) after which I've had plenty :D

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I did NOT attend the festival just its not my kind of thing, but I did do the ETS2 convoy — and I plan on doing the ATS convoy tomorrow.


Unfortunately this only my second time participating in an event (the first being the Easter Egg Hunt), as a really started playing multiplayer a few months ago - but its been fun, and I plan to have fun at future events...!

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I attended the festival on Friday and the ETS2 convoy on Saturday— both of which were great fun! My most memorable moment in TruckersMP has to be when myself and a few others, went for a drive in Iceland, during the first week of the ProMods x TruckersMP partnership! Safe to say we didn't make it to our destination without flipping a few times... ?


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Due to the lack of time I have on TruckersMP as a result of my university studies it is unlikely that I will be able to attend any TMP6 events, however I will continue to support the efforts that TruckersMP has made to make this anniversary special, as well as the team's efforts to make the TruckersMP service better for the foreseeable future. 


My most notable moment in TruckersMP happened in mid-June 2019 (not long after TMP5) where I created a forum topic in an attempt to raise awareness on autism, an effort which eventually culminated on July 3rd with my promotion to Media Manager, where I was the manager until the 11th of October. 


The topic that I posted back in 2019 can be found here (now archived): 


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Both Convoys take place in the same exact time, on different days.

Due to timezones, this means it's 2:30am to 4:30am local time for me.


I've no interest in the Freeroam server, either.


So basically you've structured your events to not even consider timezones, hence people in countries like Australia and Japan are going to find it difficult or impossible to attend.

Perhaps next year you can make an effort to make everyone welcome, not just EU+US.

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