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Suggestion Name: One Way Duisburg (Roundabout).


Suggestion Description: The idea is that Duisburg, which has a one-way square roundabout shape, attaches photos to understand, also including why the secondary traffic light should be removed.


Any example image: https://imgur.com/a/NyGSaA4 In the link you can see what my idea is, it is easy to understand.


Why should it be added?: This should be added because in the rush hour when the server is full and even with 1,000 people missing, Duisburg is already collapsed, there is no denying, this project will help traffic flow much better and hardly collapse.


The traffic light below the secondary does not help at all, that is, Delay and constant retentions, and not everyone respects it, it also proposes a model of how it should be.

In the traffic light photo, he sees a model that would help, considering that where the stop is, almost no one comes, 90% make the move to enter Duisburg and exit through the Gasolinera secondary.


I think and I think it is a good idea and would help a lot, thanks!




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