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[TW-DML]⟹RX 5950 XT⟸

[10th October 2020] JYC Transportation Company' Event

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JYC Transportation Company planned the event. I really hope that all players can participate in our event.


Event Name: Jin Yang Company Third anniversary event


Event Date: 2020.10.10


Set time: UTC AM 10:00


Start time: 12:30 pm UTC


Starting point: Amsterdam


Focus: Calais


Stroke length: 957KM


DLC: None


Roadmap: https://postimg.cc/p9VRDCjS


Picture: https://postimg.cc/y34pjS0g


Event rules:


Event personnel can only use cars (tags required)


Allow the use of cars (use benchmark)


Allow blocked roads


Allow driving on the wrong road (enter the opposite lane)


Allow video vehicles to drive on the wrong road (enter the opposite lane)


Other participants follow TMP rules



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