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TruckersMP 6 Year Anniversary - Events


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21 hours ago, Candy Heart said:

So were not allowed to use more than 3 Trailers for The ATS convoy tomorrow, What are you classing as 3 Trailers? 20200502181106_1.jpg
I can safely drive with these, so why would these not be allowed?


These would be allowed.


12 hours ago, garsenault said:

Happy Birthday TRUCKERSMP! The ETS2 convoy was great, and I’m excited for the ATS convoy tomorrow...


My question is: will 1.37 be supported tomorrow or still 1.36? (I know 1.37 is not supported right now, I just wanted to know if things will change in between now and then)


Thank you


1.37 on TMP will not be ready yet, so it will take place on 1.36.


1 hour ago, Manu [GER] said:

Happy Birthday TruckersMP! #TMP6


Hello Guys! Can anyone tell me how to turn on the siren of the police cars?



You can activate/deactivate the siren by pressing J.

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Dear TruckersMP,


I wish you a very very happy 6th anniversary! Looking forward to another great year with TMP ❤️ ❤️


Here is my personal favorite and funniest moment from the past 3 days. Look at all these confused truckers (including me :D):




See you all at the next event ^^

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Drive safe, drive with care! ?? ??

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Happy 6th Birthday TMP #TMP6


                                                                                                                                       Truckers.FM Station Manager and Presenter

                                                                                                                 16930580_1843345192593150_1506299823_o - Copy.jpg

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