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Ability to see ban evidence on active bans


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Suggestion Name: Ability to see ban evidence on active bans

Suggestion Description: When reporting users which have already banned, it's impossible to know if the reason you are reporting is the same reason they have already been banned.


Any example images: HTV4jc3.jpg


Why should it be added?: It will decrease the number of reports made on a player for the same reason. For example; if somebody was blocking it can effect a large amount of players. If 30 players was being blocked and 25% of them was recording, it could be possible that 8 people reports that user for the same situation, when they've possibly already got banned in-game for that reason. By adding this it could possibly reduce the work load on the Game/Report moderators and also reduce the number of duplicated reports, so the more 'serious' reports can be dealt with faster.

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