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I prefer Renault because it's very hard to find one on the road because most players drive Scania or Volvo.

Currently Renault T, I had been loving scania nextgens but since the T Range released to the game, I just fall in love with this truck, not really powerful truck but it has nice looking especially the

Renault ( Magnum, also T )  Scania & Volvo are boring and they're everywhere

Guest [JET BLUE] - Lionel
2 hours ago, [VTCSL] #FLME. said:

That's one reason why I think the Volvo truck is worth it. It has a 750Hp engine and a 12 speed gearbox With Good Combination And Seeing the Volvo truck makes you feel strange.So Finally I preferred Volvo.🥰               

If you don't know, you can put 750hp abd 12 speed gearbox in all trucks with save edit.

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